• Lower Cost:Manufacturing and on site erection cost. Due to the systems approach, there is a significant saving time. The secondary members and cladding nest together reducing transportation cost.
  • Reduced Construction Cost: Pre Engineered Building are typically delivered in just few weeks after approval of drawings. Foundations and Anchor bolts are parallel with finished, ready for the site bolting. This allows faster and easy realization of revenue.
  • Design: Since Pre-Engineered buildings are mainly formed of standard sections and connections, the design time is reduced significantly. Specialized computer analysis custom details, the light weight flexible frames offer higher resistance to seismic forces.
  • Flexibility of Expansion: Pre Engineering Building can be easily expanded in length, width and height by adding additional bays.
  • Larger clear Spans: Pre Engineered can be fabricated upto 80m – 90m Clear spans.
  • Foundation: Pre Engineered building are 50% lighter than the conventional steel Structures, Hence the foundations are of simple design and easy to construct and lighter ones.
  • Quality Control: As Pre Engineered buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under professional controlled conditions the quality is assured.
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